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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a video worth?


As I said on the For Teachers page, please observe my Master Class.  Watch me succeed, watch me fail, and tell me what you notice.  Send me your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration!  I always benefit so much from what others have to say – teachers and students, native speakers and non-native speakers.  You can email me at  You are welcome to click the PPT icons above each video to download the same PowerPoint presentations I used in class – you can modify them and use them in your own classes.  Below you can find videos of my Spring 2023 session; the most recent Master Class videos are here.  And if you are a teacher, please consider becoming a Master Class apprentice – let's think together about what could be helpful going forward.  : )

Week 1 – Sound & Identity
Week 2 – Hard & Soft Sounds
Week 4 – Voicing Rules
Week 3 – Vowel Reduction
Week 5 – Phonetics Topics
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