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Individual Evaluations

$100 (includes written feedback and a 20-min Zoom consultation) / Jump to Reviews

If you are learning Russian as a second language and would like detailed feedback on your pronunciation from me, please email me at to request an evaluation.

An evaluation from me is like a pronunciation “diagnosis”: I give you a specific set of tasks to record, ask you to listen back to your recording and complete a self-assessment, provide you with written feedback on your self-assessment, and meet with you for a 20-minute consultation on Zoom to follow up. 

Kira, smiling because she's happy working with students

During the Zoom session we discuss the feedback I’ve provided, we work on some of the issues together, and I recommend study techniques tailored to your personal needs.  I charge $100.00 USD total for the written feedback and the Zoom session together. 


I do evaluations on an occasional basis (I don’t always have time!) so be sure to email me first to see whether I can take on the job.  If you have already emailed me and I have confirmed that I can do an eval for you, please follow the directions below. 


Looking forward to working with you! 




Get your pronunciation evaluated for $100 (includes written feedback and a 20-min Zoom consultation)

Step 1 – Email Me

Email me at to make sure I have time to do your evaluation!  Only proceed to Step 2 if you have received confirmation from me!

Step 2 – Record Yourself

Record yourself performing the four tasks below.  A video is better than an audio recording so I can see your mouth, but the clarity of the audio is the most important thing!

Task 3: Sentences

Read the sentences below.


  1. Ка́тя!  Как дела́?

  2. Ску́чно!  Идёт дождь.

  3. Пого́да сего́дня.  На у́лице темно́.

  4. Ему́ всего́ оди́н год.

  5. Хо́чешь в зоопа́рк?  Хорошо́.

  6. Уже́ три часа́?  Пора́ идти́.

  7. Э́то твоё ро́зовое пла́тье?  Нет, её.

  8. Э́то друзья́?  Нет, бра́тья.

  9. Мы вчера́ бы́ли в теа́тре.

  10. Ты куда́ идёшь?  К И́ре, коне́чно!

  11. Уро́к ско́ро начина́ется.

  12. Ну, как дома́шняя рабо́та?  Легко́!

Task 4: Spontaneous Speech

Tell me a little bit about your world in Russian (3-5 sentences). You could tell me about yourself, what you see around you, or what happened yesterday…whatever you want to say.  Don’t worry about being perfect!  If you are a beginner, say any 3-5 sentences that feel familiar to you. 

Task 1: Warm Up

Read the words from left to right.


а                о                 у        

та              то               ту

там           том             ту́мба

да́ма         до́ма          ду́ма


ю               е                 и

и                и́ми            и

и                идти́           тип

и                иди́             Ди́ма

Task 2: Words

Read the words below.


  1. давно́, э́ту

  2. том, тёмный

  3. жизнь, центр

  4. го́рода, зоопа́рк

  5. ве́чер, октября́

  6. 3 часа́, ро́зовое

  7. в теа́тре, как дела́

  8. сел, съел

  9. друзья́, бра́тья

  10. для неё, встреча́ться

  11. дома́шняя, об И́горе

  12. во́дка, коне́чно

Step 3 – Download the Self-Assessment

Make a copy of the Self-Assessment as a google doc here.  

Or download the Self-Assessment as a Word doc here.   

Step 4 – Listen & Complete the Self-Assessment

Listen back to your recording and follow the directions on the self-assessment.  (This is important!  It tells me what your ear is telling you.)  I will add my feedback into the document after you submit it.

Step 5 – Complete the Payment Process

Complete the payment process.  The total cost for written feedback and a 20-minute Zoom consultation is $100.00 USD.

Step 6 – Submit Your Recording & Self-Assessment

Share your recording and self-evaluation with me – and shoot me an email at so I know it's ready for me to look at!  In your email, be sure to tell me what your parameters are for a Zoom call in terms of my time zone (Eastern Time in the US, the time zone for New York City), so that I can propose a couple of meeting times. 

What happens next?

After you complete the steps above, I will download your recording and self-evaluation.  I’ll listen and finish my part of the evaluation, adding to what you’ve already written.  Then I’ll send the evaluation back to you with my feedback added to it and propose a few times to Zoom together.  Hope I get to work with you soon! 

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