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Become a Master Class Apprentice

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If you teach Russian and need professional development hours, you can receive a certificate as an apprentice to Master Class verifying you have spent 20 hours on professional development in the area of teaching Russian pronunciation (8 hours of class + 12 hours of practice providing feedback to Master Class students on their weekly Skills Checks with guidance from me).  If you would like a certificate, please do these things: 

  1. Write to me at to give me a heads-up that you would like to become an apprentice

  2. Observe each of the 5 classes and turn on your camera to talk briefly with me and the other apprentices after class is over

  3. Zoom with me as I do feedback for the Baseline Oral so I can show you my feedback process

  4. Listen to student recordings, provide feedback for a few students for Skills Checks 1-4, and receive feedback on your feedback (!) from me before sending it on to the students

I hope you consider this option!  I have really enjoyed working with apprentices on previous occasions and I think we all benefit from our collaborative work together.  : )

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