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Russian Sounds Podcast

$5 per month / Jump to Reviews

Join me on Patreon for Russian Sounds with Kira, a private video series and podcast that demystifies the pronunciation of individual Russian sounds, or phonemes.

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I learned that I can actually make all of the sounds I need to in order to speak Russian properly, which was a huge realization. I always thought that some sounds would just be impossible for me as a non-native speaker.

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In this extensive video series and podcast I help you master one phoneme each week with comprehensive instruction, focused coaching, and a different kind of activity each day, Mon-Fri. 


Become a Patron to access the videos and podcast episodes via the Patreon website or app or add the private RSS feed to your podcast player (private podcasts are not currently supported at Spotify but most other players will host them).  I’m sooo excited about this initiative – I think it will absolutely help you transform your pronunciation one day at a time.  : )  You can also find the audio episodes on Apple Podcasts.


  • Weekly video & audio episodes with detailed instruction on how to use the default Russian mouth position to pronounce individual sounds

  • Daily supplemental audio exercises

  • The audio exercises can be used on their own or can serve as an optional supplement to the Russian Sounds Video Library, where all videos can be easily accessed at once

  • Sign up by becoming a Patron on my Patreon (tiers start at $5/month)

  • Access episodes on the Patreon site/app OR add the RSS feed to your podcast player

  • Check Patreon for the latest updates on which podcast players support private Patreon podcasts

Watch & listen on Patreon or Apple Podcasts for $5/month:
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