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Observe Master Class via Zoom

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I usually run two Master Class sessions a year, and you are welcome to come observe!  There is no charge and you can come and go to the five Zoom sessions as you please without telling me in advance after registering.  Several teachers and students typically sign up as observers, have their cameras off, and simply watch (or work along at home).  If you can't attend in real time, you are welcome to watch the videos of class after they are posted on the Master Class page.


If you teach Russian and need professional development hours, you can receive a certificate verifying you have spent 10 hours on professional development in the area of teaching Russian pronunciation (8 hours of class + 2 hours of reflection).  If you would like a certificate, please do these things: 

  1. Email me at the beginning of the course to give me a heads-up that you would like to receive a certificate

  2. Observe each of the 5 classes (either live or by watching videos of class)

  3. Write me an email at after you observe each class and tell me about your observations, your thoughts about what worked and what could be improved, and your own original ideas, inspiration, and musings

  4. Include how you might incorporate ideas that came to you as a result of observing the course into your own teaching

The deadline for submitting your five emails reflecting on the five classes you observed is one week after the final class Zoom session.  I hope lots of you will take advantage of this opportunity – I love hearing from teachers and I frequently incorporate your feedback into my classes!

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If you teach Russian and would like to become a Master Class apprentice, check out this page – I'd love to have you!

Teacher Apprentices

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