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Irina Dubinina
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Target Practice Videos

Members of Kira's Master Class work towards mastery with these videos.  Record yourself when you practice and watch and listen back!  Notice where you can make improvements and experiment.  Have lots of patience and remember that investments bring returns.  : )

You can read more about our songbird Irina Dubinina in her own words here

Video 1

Unstressed Syllables

Video 2

Unstressed Syllables

Video 3

Unstressed Syllables

Video 4

Unstressed Syllables

Video 5

Unstressed Syllables

Video 6

Unstressed Syllables

Video 7

​Vowels «у» and «о»

Video 8

​Vowels «и» and «э»

Video 9

​Vowel «ы»

Video 10

​Hard & Soft Sounds

Video 11

Hard & Soft Sounds

Video 12

Always Hard & Always Soft Sounds

Video 13

Hard & Soft Sounds

Video 14

Hard & Soft Sounds

Video 15

Type II Reduction

Video 16

​Double Wedge (∧∧)

Video 17

Grammatical Endings (ъ)

Video 18

​Grammatical Endings (ъ)

Video 19


Video 20

​Devoicing in Consonant Clusters

Video 21

Voicing in Consonant Clusters

Video 22

​Voicing Rules for «в»

Video 23

​Renegade Letters «г» and «ч»

Video 24

Crazy Consonant Clusters with «в»

Video 25

Prepositions, Particles and Phrases

Video 26

Signs of Separation «ъ» and «ь»

Video 27

Liquids «р» and «л» with Signs of Separation «ъ» and «ь»

Video 28

​Word-Initial «и»

Video 29

​Suffixes -ться, -тся

Video 30

​Suffixes -ее, -яя, -чая, -щая

Новая квартира

Slow Speed

Новая квартира

Regular Speed

Irina Dubinina

Irina Dubinina professional picture.jpg

I am Irina Dubinina (Ирина Евгеньевна Дубинина, или Ира - для друзей).  I teach all levels of Russian at Brandeis University (Waltham, MA). I was born and raised in a small city on the shore of the Okhotsk Sea in the Far East of Russia.  Magadan is an 8-hour flight north-east of Moscow.  It happens to be on the same parallel as St. Petersburg, and the magic atmosphere of white nights exists in Magadan too.  Of course, Magadan has a tragic reputation, being one of the former Gulag centers.  My family, luckily, does not have a connection to the Gulag; my father was a geologist and the Magadan region was a magnet for aspiring geologists.

Magadan is also a 4-hour flight to Alaska and pretty much on the same parallel. In 1992 I was a student at the pedagogical university in Magadan where I was studying English and German, and I was selected to participate in an exchange program with students of Russian from University of Alaska Anchorage.  My life in the U.S. began in August 1992.  Alaska became my American home, and when I get annoyed by people asking me where I am from, I tell them that I am from Alaska, and yes, my accent is the Alaskan accent.  After 12 years of studying, working and generally enjoying my life in Alaska, I moved to the east coast of the U.S. for my second graduate program.  After three years in Philadelphia (in the Ph.D. program at Bryn Mawr college), I came to Brandeis University to teach Russian and made Boston my home.  I love my profession - teaching Russian as a second or heritage language is a professional passion.  But I also like dancing, reading, going for walks and swimming. 

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