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Русская фонетика с Кирой

Cost TBD

In progress!  My intention with this project is to create a resource you can use immediately to improve students' pronunciation while gradually developing your skills and knowledge as we go without putting in a lot of time outside of class.  Current plans are for Русская фонетика с Кирой to be a series of short videos (1-3 min) designed to be assigned for homework as a flipped classroom resource OR shown in your Russian language classes to teach the Russian default mouth position, key phonetics topics, and intonation.  I will do the teaching, I'll ask native speakers to provide the practice, and you can gradually take the reins to the degree that you want while getting the full benefit of beautiful results from students in your class.  Fingers crossed!

In-class instruction will be supplemented with:

  • Optional in-class, teacher-led exercises

  • Video homework assignments (listen & repeat, record yourself, listen back, reflect)

  • Assessment tools and guidance in videos from Kira

  • Преподавательские беседы!  Periodic conversations via Zoom for teachers who are implementing the series.  Join us!

Help me plan it!

I would love to talk with as many Russian language teachers as possible about what they would like to see in a series like this.  If you are interested in being part of the planning (and possibly the execution) of this project, please email me at and let me know – I will invite you to some Zoom group confabs!  Stay tuned!

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